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Key facts at a glance


Case and elegant label specially developed in Germany, incl. a real diamond on a perfect 10

Pop Report

Detailed database with high-resolution images for transparency and traceability of the evaluation

All inclusive

No extra packages – everything is included with us. This includes subgrades, database entries with HD images and more

Shipping & Insurance

Faster and safer shipping thanks to DHL and DHL Express, incl. Collection and additional insurance with DHL Express

Payment options

All gradings take place within 10-15 working days. Payable on account, in monthly installments, by PayPal, credit card, etc.

What we grade

We currently offer grading for Pokemon, Yugioh, Dragonball, Topps, One Piece and the Digimon Card Game in all languages.

Our advantages

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  • Karten graden

    19,00  inkl. MwSt.
    Jede Karte wird einzeln auf ihre Echtheit und ihren Zustand geprüft. Subgrades sowie ein Eintrag mit hochauflösenden Bildern in der Datenbank sind immer im Preis inbegriffen.
  • Authentic Case

    11,00  inkl. MwSt.
    Wenn Ihr Eure originalen Lieblingskarten vor Kratzern und Gebrauchsspuren schützen, sie aber nicht bewertet haben wollt, ist das Pi-Collector-Case das richtige für Euch.
  • Artist Case

    11,00  inkl. MwSt.
    Speziell für handbemalte und eigens designte Karten. Extra Künstlerlabel beinhaltet auf Wunsch den Namen sowie die Unterschrift oder das Logo des Künstlers.


Diamond Rare

Scratch and shock resistant


Made in Germany

High quality label

Developed to fit

Highly transparent

UV rays protected

The design


Grading process

Pop Report

1. Simply select the number and type of objects you want to grade under “Grade now” and follow the steps.

2. You can then select the delivery service that suits you best under “Select delivery service” and you will receive a QR code or label to print out. If you have decided on DHL Express, you can also arrange a free pick-up service of your package.

3. After your cards arrive, they will be checked for transport damage and counted to determine whether the number of cards received matches the number of cards sent for the order.

4. Your submitted cards will then be graded and the labels will be created individually for each card. The label is sealed together with the card in our case. This means that your card remains protected and the card cannot be exchanged.

To grade the cards, they run through several stations in which the individual categories are examined by our specialists with different magnifications in different light scenarios (daylight, LED light, UV light, etc.).

Centering: The centering indicates how evenly the card has been punched out. For this purpose, the deviations of the edges are calculated using a program-based algorithm and are calculated with an accuracy of a few hundred millimeters.

Corner: The corners indicate how cleanly they were cut and whether parts stick out or stains, tears, etc. are visible.

Surface: The surface of the card is examined for scratches, discoloration, printing errors, stains, cracks, and other impurities.

Edges: The edges are examined for roughness, abrasions, and notches, which are noticeable through “whitening” and “silvering”.

High-resolution images of the front and back of the graded card, as well as more detailed information on the subgrade (front, back, total) can be viewed in the Pop Report.

In this way we guarantee a transparent traceability of the graded cards. The Pop Report can be viewed by everyone and thanks to the search and filter function and ease of use, the card you are looking for can be found very quick.

In addition, each label receives a QR code, which can be scanned for an easy access to the detailed view directly and easily in the Pop Report.

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